How can I book?


You can book online or over the telephone. In both cases you will need to download and complete a booking form and  sign the agreement to be coached. On receipt of your booking form I will contact you to arrange a suitable time for coaching. I will then invoice you. On receipt of payment your coaching session is confirmed.



How will the coaching be arranged?


The coaching will be arranged by us finding a date and time that suits you and I will phone you or meet with you at this agreed time. The coaching is provided by phone and/or face to face appointments if you live locally to the area. If the coaching is phone based then you need to ensure that your environment is suitable and free of distractions. The sessions will focus on establishing what things are important to you in both your professional and personal life and I will work with you so that you can identify what holds you back achieving your goals. You will learn how to recognise and reduce/remove these obstacles so that you can be successful and achieve your ambitions. As your coach I will assist you in this process by listening, asking you questions, requesting that you complete certain tasks using some of the coaching tools and techniques that I provide, and by providing you with feedback and opportunities for reflecting.


What do I (the client) have to bring to the coaching relationship?


A commitment to be coached and attending the appointment.  A recognition that in some area of your life a gap exists between where you are and where you want to be and that you will be prepared to learn, develop and be proactive in moving closer to achieving your ideals. This will involve you setting goals, exploring obstacles and evaluating your progress.  This process may be challenging but is a normal part of the coaching process which can lead to your personal growth.


How long is the coaching session?


All sessions are for a 1 hour duration. The sessions may be booked between the hours of 09.00 and 19.00. I may ask you to complete certain tasks in preparation for the session which you will do in your own time.


How do I arrange a coaching session?


You can contact Coaching Wales by phone or email using the following contact details:


Phone: 01248 605056

Mobile: 07926 910385



What happens if I (the client) cancel a session or miss calls.


It is important that you recognise your coaching sessions as a priority and commit to our appointments at the agreed time.


48 hours notice is required by you if you choose to reschedule or cancel any sessions. (emergencies excepted)


The full session cost is payable if 48 hours notice is not given and if any scheduled calls or appointments are missed and you have not phoned to rearrange.


What happens if my coach cancels a session or reschedules?


I will give you (the client) at least 48 hours notice (emergencies excepted) of the need to cancel or reschedule a session.


How do I pay for the coaching sessions?


Payment is accepted by BACS transfer and is payable in full 7 days in advance of each coaching session.


Confidentiality and Ethics


All sessions are held in confidence and your confidentiality will be maintained as is legally possible. I follow the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Code of Ethics. Please refer to their website for further details.



How much does coaching cost?


Individual Bespoke Coaching


 £75 per session (1 hour)





Please contact Coaching Wales direct to discuss your needs further.

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