About Coaching


What is coaching?

Coaching is ‘the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective.’

(D.B Peterson, Executive coaching at work: the art of one-to-one change’ Consulting Psychology Journal, 1996)


It has also been defined as ‘the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another’.

(Downey, M. (1999) Effective coaching. London: Orion Business Books.


In essence it is about me assisting you to identify and achieve what you want in your life. It focuses on the present and future and requires you (the client) to set objectives and action plans so that you can move forward and achieve your goals.

In order to do this I will:



Coaching is not counselling or therapy. It focuses on improving the client’s quality of life by allowing them to achieve personal and professional growth.


Coaching is provided in a confidential, non judgemental and supportive environment. It can assist you in overcoming obstacles, and help with your confidence and motivation.


Who needs coaching?

Coaching can be used by all sorts of people, regardless of their professional or personal context. The single most important thing is that the person being coached recognises a desire to change something and that “the coaching process” could be helpful to them in order to assist them in doing this.


What do I (the client) have to bring to the relationship?

A commitment to be coached and attending the appointment.  A recognition that in some area of your life a gap exists between where you are and where you want to be and that you will be prepared to learn, develop and be proactive in moving closer to achieving your ideals. This will involve you setting goals, exploring obstacles and evaluating your progress.  This process may be challenging but is a normal part of the coaching process which can lead to your personal growth.


Why choose Coaching Wales?


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